The Taunton Garrison

Taunton Castle under seige
One of the important periods the Taunton Garrison covers is the English Civil War of the 1640s. A major aspect of this is the seige of Taunton, as protrayed in the images below.

Defending Taunton Castle - repelling an assault
Firing from the the castle roof
Pikeman outside the walls

The English Civil War essentially resulted from an argument between King Charles I and Parliament. The most readily known names, other than the King, is of course Oliver Cromwell and Lord Fairfax both of whom took part in the fighting here in the Southwest during 1645.
Notable battles in this area include - the siege of Taunton, Lansdown Hill and the battle of Langport.

As well as the military aspect, Taunton Garrison also portrays the civilian side and life away from the war. The following images show life in camp and how the people of the time lived their daily lives.

Historically accurate pottery on display
Camp women making repairs
The barber surgeon showing his equipment