Past seasons of Taunton Garrison events.



12th February, Museum of Somerset, Taunton (ECW)

29th, 30th April Dunster Castle (ECW)

10th June Colyton, Devon (ECW)

24th, 25th June Dunster Castle (1588)

22nd, 23rd July Bishop's Palace, Wells (1685)

12th, 13th August Dunster Castle (ECW)

Training days

11th March - Bishops Lydeard (Training)

8th April - Forde Abbey (Training)



30th April, 1st May Dunster Castle (ECW)

4th, 5th June Dunster Castle (1588)

23rd, 24th July Bishop's Palace, Wells (1588)

13th, 14th August Dunster Castle (ECW)

27th, 28th August Forde Abbey (1685)

Training days

Bishop's Lydeard

5th March

2nd April

20th Anniversary Banquet

8th October



2nd, 3rd May Dunster Castle

30th, 31st May Dunster Castle

13th June Colyton, Devon (1685)

18th, 19th July Bishop's Palace Wells

15th, 16th August Dunster Castle

Training days

Bishops Lydeard Scout Camp:

14th/15th March

11th/12th April



3rd, 4th May - Dunster Castle (ECW)

National Trust

14th, 15th June - Dunster Castle (1588)

National Trust

19th, 20th July - Bishop's Palace, Wells (1685)

9th, 10th August - Dunster (ECW)

National Trust

23rd, 24th August - Glastonbury Abbey (1685)

Training Days

8th/9th March - Bishops Lydeard

12th/13th April - Bishop's Lydeard

Banquet 11th October - Blackmore Farm


4th, 5th, 6th May - Dunster Castle (ECW)

National Trust

A comment on Facebook from our sponsor's at Dunster:

 "A big thank you to all those who visited this weekend. We hope you all had a brilliant time! ......... and to the fantastic Taunton Garrison for the Civil War Weekend"

2nd June - Dunster Castle (1685 event)

National Trust

20th, 21st July - Bishop's Palace, Wells (1685) 

11th August - Dunster Castle (ECW)

National Trust

24th, 25th August - Glastonbury Abbey (1685)

29th September - Blackmore Farm (ECW)

29th September - Taunton Castle (ECW)


Training Days:

9th, 10th March - Bishop's Lydeard

6th, 7th April - Bishop's Lydeard


Banquet (members only)

12th October 


3rd June - Dunster Castle

16th June - Lyme Regis (ECW event)

22nd July - Bishop's Palace Wells (1588 event)

12th August - Dunster Castle (1645)

Training Days:

10th March - Bishop's Lydeard

14th April - Bishop's Lydeard

5th May - Barrington Court


2011 Events

19th/20th February - Weymouth (English Civil War event)

P.A.S.T.E. sponsored event

29th May - Dunster Castle (1685event)

National Trust

31st July - Bishop's Palace, Wells (1685 event)

21st August - Dunster Castle (English Civil War event)

National Trust

24th/25th September- Hamptworth Lodge (1588 Elizabethan event)

(P.A.S.T.E. sponsored)

29th September - Taunton Castle (re-opening, televised ceremony)

15th October - Taunton History Festival

Training Days 2011

13th March (Bishop's Lydeard)

17th April (Bishop's Lydeard)

8th May (Barrington Court 1685)

2011 banquet

Saturday 8th October (members only)


2010 Events

Dunster Castle, 30th May (1685 event)

Farleigh Hungerford Castle, 19/20th June (1685 event) 

Dunster Castle, 8th August (1640's event)

Longbridge House, Shepton Mallet 21st August (1685 event)

Lulworth Castle, 18/19th September (1685 event)

Training Days 2010

Bishops Lydeard, 21st March

Bishops Lydeard, 18th April  

Events for 2009

Blackmoor Farm, 7th June

 Ilminster 12th June (evening event)

Farleigh Hungerford Castle, 11th July (1685 event)

Dunster Castle 2nd August

Glastonbury Rural Life Museum, 22nd August (1685 event)

Dillington House, 6th September (1640's event) 


 Training Days 2009

 Bishops Lydeard, 4th April  

Barrington Court, 9th May


Events for 2008.

 Easter Monday 24th March: Taunton Castle (1685 period)

 3rd May: Bishops Hull, Taunton (1608 period)

 1st June: Hestercombe Gardens, Taunton (English Civil War)

 12th July: St Mary's Church, Taunton (English Civil War)

 3rd August: Charmouth, Dorset (1685 period)

 10th August: Dunster Castle (English Civil War)

 7th September: Dillington House (1645)

 13/14th September: Lulworth Castle (1685 period)

 Training Days 2008

 8th March: Bishop's Lydeard

 12th April: Barrington Court (1685 period)

 11th May: Hestercombe House (English Civil War)

 TG Banquet 2008

 Sat .11th October